About Us

Field Day

ˈfēl(d) ˈˌdā/


1. A day devoted.

At Field Day, we believe people are the most interesting medium. For the stories they tell, and the way they carry themselves are unique to each of them. At their core, every living person has a purpose. We believe that purpose starts during our youth.

As children, we live freely without worry or responsibility. A time of wonder, and revelry for all things. When we had the freedom to devote our days to whatever it is we loved to do.

“All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Field Day was created to embody this feeling and period of time, rooted deeply in all of us.

Field Day was created to positively impact the community, and share what we can with the people around us. From stories of inspirational people, to product rooted in that Field Day feeling, we hope to bring you back to those simpler days.

By definition, a Field Day is a day devoted.

To us, that is sharing what we have with our community. We work tirelessly to create a brand that will bring something different and meaningful to the people around us. Field Day uses a percentage of proceeds from our product to create experience and bring energy to our community. We want to let those around us "Have a Field Day". From charitable efforts to social experiments for our communities' youth, we create what we believe is the perfect Field Day. Find out how you can help here.