Hays, KS

“I actually remember very specifically, at about 7, telling my mom I wanted to design Tide boxes. Ha! I was always building and drawing, so I knew I wanted to do something creative. 

My absolute favorite thing to do was make things out of stuff from the world around me. I can remember playing outside at a daycare center, probably younger than 7, looking for just the right long blade of grass and twig to tie the perfect bow, for a mini bow and arrow. I can remember sawing up paint stirring sticks, because they were soft enough for my little hands to cut through, to make my own models. When I wasn't doing that, I was using pencils and markers to copy characters out of MAD magazines and comic books. Building and drawing have always been my absolute favorite things to do.

My field day now would be to spend an entire day drawing, building and creating some shared world with my family. Kids are a bottomless reservoir of creativity and to be around them as they build is a real treat! Luckily, I get to have to have this Field Day quite often.

Sharing the experience of a creative endeavor with your children is one of the most enriching opportunities for a parent. It always recharges and inspires me and often has translated into some breakthrough in my professional creative life.”

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