Clifton Springs, NY

"I will go back to my love and passion for the game of ice hockey.  Whether it be playing on an official ice rink, a frozen pond, in my fathers garage or a classic game of street hockey, I was smiling from ear to ear just being connected to the game. I was one of the ‘puck boys’ for the oldest age group team (Midget level) where I grew up playing, the Geneva Generals.  The players were of late high school age and I can recall my behavior on game days being completely focused on getting the uniforms set up in the locker room, taping the players sticks if they asked me to, hustling skates down to the sharpening room, knowing pre-game routines of each player (hockey players are a bit superstitious), etc.  I was a small part of the team but I took so much pride in supporting them.  There are so many moments and details from this period of my life and from the game that I recall and still enjoy to this day."

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